This is how home comfort works

For about five years, I worked as the secretary at a small chapel. It was a very interesting job given it was located next to a university so many of the attendees came from other countries to attend college as well as church. The vast majority of international students were from African nations or the Caribbean Islands. When they came to church I learned a lot about what it was like in their home countries. One thing that we use every single day around here is something these folks not used to at all: air conditioning. Almost no one that came here had central air conditioning inside their homes or businesses in their home countries. Central heating and cooling is everywhere you go in this place. Sometimes the elderly people would ask to turn the air conditioning off because they had never had it their entire lives. But the people who grew up here or had lived here several years would never turn the air conditioning off. They would just get their grandma a sweater to put on. However, it is not as common in other areas to have so much air conditioning and heating. Of course, it did not take too long for these people to become accustomed to the HVAC units within the classrooms, apartments, and stores. They often had dreamed of coming to this nation and were quick to find that the heating and cooling systems were terrific.

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My A/C relaxes me a lot

I suffer from an anxiety condition that affects my life on a daily basis. My anxiety is generalized, but I often feel more nervous as I’m about to leave my home for work or class. Because of this, I have often missed fundamental lectures or have had to call in sick. I also spend a lot of time at home and try not go out very often. When I have to go out, however, there is the chance I might have a panic and anxiety attack. One of the main symptoms of my panic disorder is excessive sweating. When my heartbeat accelerates, I start to sweat everywhere and panic even more. I’ve tried a few remedies to quell my sweating over these attacks, but not much has worked out. I’ve tried tapping and doing deep breathing exercises, but they don’t keep me from sweating. I’ve also tried to put ice on my head or even taking a cold shower, but both of these take up a lot of time, and I often have a panic attack right before I must head out the door. The only solution to my excessive sweating that has consistently worked has been this air conditioner. I like to keep my apartment at a crisp 74 degrees, but when I can sense a panic attack coming upon, I’ll go ahead and set my thermostat to seventy degrees. With my dwelling nice and chilly, I can stay, catch my breath, and look into relaxing my body. I’ve been in situations where I start to panic and it’s warm out, which causes my anxiety attacks to last much longer. My air conditioner shortens the period and severity of my panic and anxiety attack, so I don’t know what I’d do without it.

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Relying on heating equipment

One of my closest buddies Roger just purchased his first home, and I am so thrilled for him. He’s been discussing this for years, and I know that this is a big step for him. From what he has told me, it appears as though the process of purchasing a home is incredibly difficult. Not only do you have to deal with comparing mortgage costs through several banks, but you also have to be in close contact with your realty company. It took Roger over a month of researching mortgage options to uncover the right interest rate, and he went through two realtors! Luckily, the realty company that he has now is really great. It was difficult to find a home that came with updated appliances for his budget, but his realtor found him the ideal home. Not only is the kitchen and dining room completely redone, but he has heated flooring throughout the home. I never heard of such a HVAC system, but Roger said that heated floors are becoming increasingly popular. There are a series of metal coils underneath his floorboards, and heat radiates gently throughout the entire floor. It’s actually an effective heating unit, because the radiant heat rises upwards through the ground. Not only will it warm feet during the frigid winter, but his new home will be evenly heated! I’m really happy that Roger found an updated home with a great HVAC system in his budget. Once he finishes relocating, I can’t wait to pay him a visit. If his heated floors are as effective as he says, then I might end up visiting Roget more often during the wintertime.


I have a new idea!

All kids like the idea of superheroes. In fact, grown men love them too! Women tend to outgrow the desire for make-believe men in tights who have crazy super human powers that can help the less fortunate. In fact, I think superheroes are silly. If I were about to create a superhero, it would be HVAC Man. To me, HVAC systems are of the best inventions of modern times. Without air conditioning and heating, several areas of our lifestyle would be impossible. If HVAC Man were married, his wife could be Fireplace Woman because she’d be super hot. Their children could be Air Conditioner Boy and Cooling Girl. Every hero needs a sidekick, a great one would be Ductless HVAC. He could reach where HVAC Man could not and offer a different perspective on issues. I would create coloring books for kids and t-shirts for the kids to wear. Youngsters could dress up just like HVAC Man for Halloween and encourage everyone to get HVAC tune-ups and air conditioning maintenance regularly. HVAC Man would have to be handsome too. Superman changes clothes in phone booths, so HVAC Man could put his costume on inside the HVAC equipment room at some government agency. Yes, my biggest hero is my HVAC technician, who does my HVAC inspections and makes sure I have a good HVAC service plan.

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Trying to fix my plumbing

As i say that I am some sort of desk receptionist at a hotel many don’t take me seriously. What some don’t realize and be informed on my job is that I am employed at a high-end hotel. The different kinds of people who come to continue to be at our hotel are millionaires and celebrities. My job is very interesting to speak about the least. For example last month we had an issue with our hotel. It wasn’t customer related, it can be more with our preservation department. We had to work with each other to get our guests right out of the hotel. This is because a principal water pipe burst. There was water pouring from our wonderful staircase. Our lobby looked similar to a small river. The damage was excessive. How come the piped burst was due to the really cold temperatures outside. The pipe burst on our second floor inside of the hotel, sending the water all the way down the staircase. People were amazed and screaming, my job ended up being to calm them down. We called the area plumber and he had to bring ten other guys with him to fix the problems. This was because it took about twenty minutes so as to contain and shut the water off. After the water was shut off they had the ability to work on replacing the water pipe. The hotel was shut down for pretty much two weeks. Our customers were pretty upset since several of their items were ruined on their first and second floors. Luckily the owners paid for it.


Heat pump repair service

Recently, I decided to purchase an air source heat pump for my home. My furnace was getting up there in age and was constantly costing me money in repairs. I decided it was time to finally upgrade. After the first month of use,  I realized I made the right decision. Air source heat pumps have an outdoor component together with an indoor component, the heat pump depends on the exterior air to either heat the household in the winter or cool the property in the summer. It’s nice to know my HVAC system depends on air as it’s a renewable resource. Air source heat pumps cost a lot less to install than ground source heat pumps, allowing it to be both efficient and effective. Our climate is relatively mild, it gets cold enough in the winter to need a home heating source but never cold enough to snow. Because one part of the heat pump is outdoors, it’s important I keep it clean and clear of all nearby debris. All other maintenance is carried out by a local HVAC technician, who comes to inspect the heat pump a few times a year. When HVAC technicians were installing my air source heat pump, they told me that if looked after, these systems require little maintenance and can last upwards of 20-30 years. It’s good to know I’ll be comfortable in my home regardless of what the outdoor elements are like. Whenever I hear any of my friends talking about upgrading their home HVAC units, I recommend air source heat pumps. hvac-image

Do I have to do this?

It’s been my dream to open my own  restaurant, and recently, I was finally able to do it. My very first job was in the the service industry as a dishwasher. Since then, I’ve worked as a cook, hostess, server, and bartender. All of that experience definitely gives me great insight about how each part of the eatery should work. Being a boss is a new experience, but I always strive to be fair and honest with my staff. Opening up the restaurant required me to make many upgrades to the building before I could start serving customers. First, I had to completely refinish the floorings, and buy new restaurant furniture. Second, I had to put a new countertop on the bar, and put a new ventilation system inside the kitchen. The most expensive upgrade I made was definitely the HVAC system for the restaurant. The existing HVAC system was terribly old, and the ductwork was nearly falling apart. I installed a totally new central heating and cooling system, which meant we needed new ductwork too. Fortunately, one of my friends knew a great HVAC contractor, and gave me their contact information. The HVAC contractor gave me detailed descriptions of their services, and worked with me to search for the best price for the heating and cooling system. I even had brand-new thermostats installed to ensure maximum temperature control. Having a successful restaurant definitely means keeping employees and customers comfortable no matter the outdoor temperatures. Thanks to the new HVAC system, my restaurant is running quite well, my guests love both our food and our dedication to their comfort.

This is how climate control actually works

Last weekend was my 45th birthday. My wife threw me a surprise party, inviting all of our friends and family. It was a marvelous surprise, I still can’t believe she pulled it off without me figuring it out. Even my family from out west were able to make it. About halfway through the party, my mom came outside and explained that the air conditioner in my residence was making a disturbing sound. I thought she was crazy because I just had my HVAC system serviced.  Sure enough the air conditioner was making a loud rattling sound. My sibling, who is very handy, looked at the system and told me it seemed to be working just fine. The thermostat ended up reading 70 degrees, which was the location where the temperature was set. The A/C was running, but it just sounded louder than in the past. Since the house was nevertheless cool, I went back to what I was doing and forgot about the issue. A few hours later, the HVAC unit was still generating noises and they were getting louder. I decided that maybe it was time to call someone and ask a number of questions. The HVAC repair company that I called was unable to right the problem without coming out to check the system in person, so I scheduled an appointment for the next day. Unfortunately, my HVAC unit wouldn’t make it past that night. It completely stopped working around two o’clock in the morning. I was glad I previously scheduled maintenance. I ended up needing a new air handler, so happy 45th birthday to me.

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I’m happy with my new HVAC equipment

Recently the time came when I had to update my home HVAC system. Today there are many ways to heat and cool a home, such as furnaces, heated flooring, central duct units and heat pumps. I decided the most suitable choice for my home was an air source heat pump. Air source heat pumps (ASHP) absorb heat from the air outside and transfer it within the household. ASHP take the energy from the air in the summertime and reverses the process, cooling the home instead. They are often referred to as “reverse-cycle air conditioners”. These HVAC units can save homeowners big money on energy bills as they are fairly economical, especially compared to forced air systems that use gas. Air source heat pumps require little maintenance and can last over 20 years if maintained regularly. With the exposed outdoor components, the heat exchanger may collect foliage and debris, so it’s extremely important to keep that area clean and unencumbered with debris. ASHP are less efficient in extremely cold temperature environments, but cold weather heat pumps exist. I now have a home in a milder climate, the outdoor temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees, so I’ve never had any difficulties with my ASHP providing adequate heat to my home. I briefly considered ground-source heat pumps but the installation costs were very high in comparison to ASHP, and since the weather is constantly mild here, I decided an ASHP would be suitable. I am happy to very own a dependable HVAC system that keeps me comfortable and happy, while also saving me money on monthly energy bills.

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My heating equipment right before winter

I love my current apartment and have lived here a few years now. It has always relied on a gas furnace in the winter to heat the space. The colder weather started to blow in a few weeks ago, reminding everyone winter was coming. I turned the furnace on about 14 days ago and noticed it was making some unhealthy noises, specifically a rattling sound. Heat was still filling the place so I assumed it was normal wear. But the noises continued so I had my landlord contact his HVAC provider. The next day I realized my apartment was cold and uncomfortable, the furnace was no longer blowing any heat. A heating technician arrived later that day to inspect the furnace. He told me these kinds of noises weren’t normal for a gas furnace and it was a good idea contacting him. It turns out my furnace had a clogged burner, which was preventing heat from warming my home and causing the alarming noises I was hearing. A couple of hours later the HVAC technician fixed the problem and once again my house was warm and cozy. I talked to my landlord afterwards and he said he would have my furnace inspected every fall before winter arrives, with the intention that issues like these don’t rise again. Living in the north, it’s scary to imagine winter without a reliable heating unit. I am relieved to know my furnace is back in working order, ready to keep me warm in the winter climate.

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