Zoned control heating was a good move

I was at our kids dance studio last week for her yearly classes.  When I first walked into the studio I found that the waiting room was unusually frosty.  At first I figured it was just myself and others because I had just come in from the brutally frigid outdoors plus I had a terrible chill from it even through our layers of Winter season clothes.  After I had our kid all set plus ready to go to class I noticed that the studio operator had many space gas furnaces placed throughout the large waiting room. I asked a mother who was there if the heat in the building was down, plus she told myself and others that the dance area had heat however the waiting area had no heat.  Yes that is terrible for all of the parents waiting for the kids classes to end, although I was really glad that the dance rooms had heat. I remember talking to the studio operator at registration plus she had mentioned that she was thinking about putting in zone control heating and it’s a great thing that she did because otherwise the whole building could have been without heat!  While I was glad that the actual dance rooms had heat, I couldn’t help however seeing all the cords in the waiting room from the space heaters. It was just asking for an situation, there is constantly teenagers in the waiting room whether they are students waiting for class or siblings of students. I could just see somebody tripping over the cords so hopefully the studio owner has the heat fixed this week!

gas heater