You can rent HVAC

The two of us had the most attractive wedding this warm summer season. The two of us had planned it with genuine care for over a year. Each and every detail was cautiously chosen. The two of us knew exactly what we wanted for the entire affair from the ceremony to the reception. The two of us were so glad with the way the afternoon had turned out that we were in a state of ecstacy when it came time to leave for our honeymoon. The two of us just wanted to get to our beach home to do nothing but relax for an entire week. You would think the two of us would have chosen our honeymoon location as meticulously as the two of us planned our wedding, but honestly the two of us were so tired we  just chose any old home on the beach without a second thought. How could it possibly go wrong? Well, upon arrival the two of us found out. Here the two of us are in the middle of the hottest time of the year at the beach with horridly tepid in addition to humid temperatures. We found out our home had no air conditioner. I couldn’t have guessed it. The two of us were freaking out. It was already so blazing hot in the south and the two of us knew we needed some type of cooling unit. I called the realtor but surprisingly he directed us to an Heating plus A/C rental store.This was nonsense! Apparently you can rent an air conditioner unit. Apparently several of the renters would mistreat the old HVAC component that they had installed inside the house. So, now let people rent their own plus charge them a little extra for electrical usage. I didn’t care how the two of us had to get it, as long as the two of us had some air conditioner. Our honeymoon was saved that afternoon by getting ripped off with a A/C rental unit!

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