Wonder if having the a/c fixed would help

I recently began graduate college, and I am now teaching my first English class! It has been an exciting experience, and I entirely am completely satisfied with working with students. The only grievance that I have is that the classroom I use often experiences issues with its Heating plus A/C unit. When the a/c is not functioning properly, our students have a difficult time concentrating. I don’t blame them at all because I also have a difficult time teaching when I cannot change the temperature control to the official temperature. I wonder if having the a/c fixed would have an impact on my student’s grades. Surely, better focus would encourage better results. I have complained about the Heating plus A/C component more than 2 times to the administration in our department, but they have been unable to get an Heating plus A/C serviceman out to see about the problem. I suppose that they are delaying having the service done because they don’t want to pay for the service calls even though I consider this a must-have item. The heating plus cooling system is what keeps an environment enjoyable and relaxing for those using it, and I don’t understand how this could be more crucial than in a college classroom. I’m going to be spending more than 2 years at this college, so I want to assume that I have a nice space to get my work done. This will become even more crucial as I’m supposed to teach two classes next year. I certainly  hope that the college gets the a/c checked soon. I imagine this will help our students with their grades.

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