Wish I could take AC for my bike rides

I am a bike riding freak. I love taking my bike out and riding around town. I ride my bike everyday at least for an hour. When I was in college I would ride it to class, work and then back home. Now in my town I just ride it to work, the store and then home. It really is a money saver and a great source of exercise. I got myself a state of the art bike. I have different gears I can shift into. I have storage parts on it to put groceries, work materials and water in. I also have tons of reflectors so I can ride at night and not get hit by a car. The only thing my bike riding experience is missing is air conditioning. I feel I could ride my bike for almost five hours and not get bored or irritated. I have my music and a great view. The lack of A/C is what does me in everytime. I get so sweaty when I ride a bike that I want to quit. The heat in my area is intense too. In the summer it is really hard to ride mid-day since the temperatures get to be over 100 degrees. I wish there was some way to get a portable air conditioner and fit it to my bike. I wonder if someday in the future you will be able to have air conditioning on the go. They should create tiny, portable but powerful AC devices. You can fit them like you would a reflector light. Then you would have AC all of the time.