Wiping down the HVAC

If I decide to clean my house it’s a ridiculous task, because it has several bedrooms upstairs and takes a lot of work and hours to clean, and as much as I love my spouse, they are not that great at maintaining a house. So, I tend to handle the cleaning while the spouse takes on the cooking. This past week, it’s been a real challenge to keep the house clean. The air conditioning unit has been completely on the fritz. It keeps automatically shutting down on its own because of it being way too overheated. This leads to extended periods where we have absolutely no air flowing in the house, then with the oven on from baking for over an hour, having all that hot air flowing around the house, we may as well be living in the oven! Just yesterday, I tried to scrub the upstairs bathroom, and it was a complete waste of time. I was literally sweating all over the place, making a much bigger mess just from how sweaty I was. It was truly bad, and I just couldn’t deal with this situation anymore! I decided to then call in my local air conditioning company who would take a look at the air conditioning unit, and give us an idea as to what was wrong and how much money it would cost to fix it. Tomorrow, they’re supposed to be coming by to examine the whole HVAC system – the coils, the ducts, the compressor – everything! I can’t wait for them to get over here, the guy I spoke with on the phone said over the phone that it could be a simple as a glitch, but it was better to just plan for the worst outcome of the unit being shot. Im pretty sure things can’t get much worse!

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