Window cooling in each room

I have lived in the Southern states my entire existence, and I could not envision ever living somewhere else. The people are gentler; the root beer is better, and the sun’s always bright. It is hard to even consider moving somewhere else because I spent my entire life here. I went away for school once and vowed that was the final time I was going to ever live somewhere different. The hard thing about living in the south is that it is always warm. I guess that to some people that seems like a enjoyable thing, but warm in the South is nearly unbearable. The mugginess is like no other, and it is almost implausible to not sperspire every time you walk around the block. However, there are a few things that you can to do stay comfortable while living in the South without paying a large sum. One thing I consistently do is have an air conditioning window machine in my study room so that I can turn off the central air conditioning while I sleep and when I am at the office all day. The cost of leaving your air conditioning running while you are not at your apartment is extremely high. The window air conditioning machine has helped me cool off during the summer season & also helped my piggy bank because I do not have enough money to spend a lot on an electricity bill. I adore living in the South, and I don’t ever want to leave, so reading about how to bear the hot weather is important. I am sure I will pick up more tips as I keep living here!