Where is my heat when I need it?

Because of our demanding work schedules, my partner and I rarely get any time to spend with each other. For months now, we have gotten off of work, came home, and ordered take out making our way to bed shortly after a shower. We have been married for nearly 10 years and I felt that we needed to rekindle things and put back the spark into our relationship. As this was so depressing, my husband and I had decided to go eat at a local high-end restaurant last weekend to spend some time together. It was really nice to be able to sit across the table from him and look into his eyes, giving him my full undivided attention. We had such an amazing conversation, unpacking the day’s stresses and successes. I suppose what interrupted our beautiful moment was the cold air that we felt blowing out of the HVAC air vents in the restaurant. It was so cold that I was literally shaking! Why oh why do restaurants like these feel that they can charge nearly $100 per plate and leave the heat off? I so uncomfortable, that I could hardly enjoy my super expensive meal in the overly air-conditioned dining room. When I asked the server about the cooling issue, I was told that it always cold and that the manager of the restaurant has never allowed any of the employees to adjust the thermostat. I had no problem letting the server know that if this was the case, my husband and I would never ever eat here again as freezing in an ice-cold restaurant wasn’t in our plans at all.

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