When do I switch the air filter

I’m pretty anal about our HVAC system, and all our friends and family laugh at me whenever I tell them about our latest HVAC appointment. The topic fascinates me, and I also have a wonderful relationship with our HVAC serviceman, so he’s always telling me new ways to make our house more efficient plus how I can save energy. And since we’re transitioning from fall to winter, I had our HVAC serviceman come out to examine our system. I schedule our appointments weeks in advance, because I know just how competitive the field is. I want to make sure that our HVAC system is running smoothly, plus that there are no problems that could arise in the future. However, when he arrived at our house, we talked for a bit and then he went right to business! He knows exactly where everything is, so I sat down and just let him do his thing! Before he left, he reassured me that everything was in tip-top shape! However, a couple of weeks after the appointment the air wasn’t cooling well or pushing through the vents like normal. My temperature control was set to 65, however, it took hours or even days to reach that temperature. It sounded like our a/c was running at full force, however nothing was happening, so I feared that our utility bill was going to skyrocket! I called our HVAC serviceman right away, to ask him why I was having this problem. He insisted on coming over again to take a look. It didn’t take him long to find the problem: apparently, he’d forgotten to replace the air filter! It desperately needed to be changed, so he swiftly replaced it. Thankfully, he didn’t try to  charge me for the second visit, since the mistake was on him!

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