What type of heater?

Sometimes I wonder if people realize that wood burning stoves compared to gas fireplaces can be comparatively the same in usage some winters. Wood is a fairly inexpensive fuel source to get, especially if you live in an area where is freely available to you, so that is good. I have consistently lived in the south as well as have never used a wood stove before this past winter when moved. I have only used basic fireplaces. And, although fireplaces serve as oil gas furnaces in a way, they are not good heaters for warmth in the least. Much of the heated air goes right up the chimney with the smoke and never even tickles one’s toes. The fireplace is more of a pretty heater for ambiance, so to speak. Well, my son moved across the country as and now lives deep in the southwest. The temperature control there goes easily fairly low for his taste in the Winter as well as easily high in the summer just as well. He has a wood stove for a heater at the moment. I assumed it was just for looks like our fireplace, but it turns out that wood stove is their only heater for the home. I could not even handle that idea! It turns out, though, that the wood stove is quite a bit more energy efficient than the fireplaces I have consistently owned he has told me as he has been quite the researcher. He says it is incredibly toasty in their house even when the outdoor temperature control dips well below freezing at night with 6-foot tall icicles hanging off their roof. I must say, though, that I find the look of the wood stove kind of unattractive. The wood stove sits over there all alone in a corner and it doesn’t get appreciated at all. I understand that them make wood stove inserts that can be installed in your regular fireplace nowadays. In that way, the fireplace is magically transformed into a good furnace as well as still looks pretty, which is a brilliant idea. That seems to be a great solution.

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