What to do about the HVAC?

It always seems that when an appliance begins malfunctioning on myself and others at our lake home that I am in the middle of organizing some type of event! A few weeks ago, our washing machine began malfunctioning before my parents had wanted to drive to our house and visit us for the first time in a year. However, just last week, our air conditioning began to malfunction the afternoon before I was set to throw a Fourth of July party for our co-workers. I was so worried because I returned to lake home from getting food and supplies to see that the control component would not cause even the slightest action to occur with the air conditioner. Everyone was set to come over in about six hours, so I realized that I didn’t have much time to get it maintenanced. I located a wrench plus walked outside to have a look at the compressor. Though I quickly noticed the component that was causing the HVAC unit to malfunction, I had not ability to maintenance this on my own. I informed a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker, and, luckily, he was allowed to make it out to do the maintenance just before everyone began pulling up to my house. I made it by by the skin of our teeth in that situation. We had planned to eat dinner outside before retreating to the frosty house after dinner, but the event probably would have been cut short because of how stuffy it would be in our house. Who can tell which appliance is going to begin malfunctioning on myself and others next. I actually dream that these things were supplied with warning signals of some sort! A little bit of a heads-up would definitely keep myself and others from having to worry about this stuff at the last minute.