What older heaters looked like

I obtained an seasoned farmhouse some year ago, and I loved the character plus seasoned timey believe that came with this house.  The stairs creaked as you walked on them, it had real hardwood floors not that laminate floors, the living room was grand and there was also a furnace in the home. I fell in love with the furnace based on it’s looks soley just because I thought it was certain, and it really reminded me of Ursula from the Disney movie, “The Little Mermaid.”  I loved turning on our furnace plus just hearing the roar of the sea witch Ursula kicking on in the days, it seemed so comforting.  Well, the comfort of that suddenly faded after I got our first energy bill in the mail.  My monthly utility bill was sky high, I could not know it was so it was more than expected. I certainly was unable to afford the bill plus had to break it up into payments.  After that I started setting our heat to a lower temperature, however it didn’t seem to matter what I did the bill never was easy to manage. I ended up calling our HVAC dealer to see if there was something they could suggest that would be of some assistance to me.  Luckily, there was however it was extravagant. The HVAC serviceman came out looked things over plus suggest I upgrade to a furnace, a single that is energy efficient.  He said that would make a crucial difference in our energy monthly bill. I did our research plus decided to go ahead plus upgrade to a up-to-date furnace which I would of course have to name Prince Eric.  When I got our first monthly energy bill after the HVAC upgrade, I was so relieved to find that it was manageable again.  

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