What a failure

I got invited to an annual dance off last month. At first I didn’t really feel like going, but after I thought about it for a while I realized it had the potential to be amazingly fun. I always enjoyed dancing. I was, of course, getting older now. My joints would probably hate me afterwards, but I decided to go for it. I went through my closet and found all my old “dancing clothes” that I used to wear out to the clubs to prepare for the event. I shuddered at the old fashions I used to wear. Anyway, the night came and I was fully prepared. The night was starting off well, but soon the air conditioner stopped working. The dance hall had tons of ductwork and air vents, but the cool air stopped blowing through them. I had to stop dancing because it started to get too hot. I tried to find someone who worked there to find out about the air conditioner. I wasn’t alone in this endeavor. It was almost as if a small mob had formed to discover the reason behind the air conditioner malfunction. We eventually found the club manager, and he tried to calm us down by telling us that an HVAC technician was trying to fix the problem at that very moment. It calmed us down, but it did nothing to relieve the sweaty state we were in because of the lack of air conditioning. If the HVAC technician didn’t have the air conditioner fixed soon, I was going to have to leave. This old body couldn’t take the excess heat!

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