We will not let this be ruined

Last weekend was me and my boyfriend’s first year anniversary. He took me out to an amazing Italian restaurant we had both enjoyed in the past. I got my favorite Italian dish: chicken parmesan and he got his favorite pasta dish too. The one thing that put a damper on the date was the abnormally cold temperature in the restaurant. Normally, if I recall, the temperatures were comfortable. This time, though, it was absolutely cold. I had to make a comment to the waiter and he replied that the a/c was broken and stuck on maximum settings. I asked if there was any possibility of a service anytime soon and he replied that the a/c service technicians  were actually on their way as we spoke. I was so thankful to hear that because I was actually enjoying our date and I actually wanted to continue it. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to stay as well and he said absolutely. Nothing was going to ruin our first year anniversary date. Certainly not a little bit of a draft from a broken air conditioner. We ended up staying the entire time and luckily, shortly after I made the comment, the air-conditioning service crew had arrived to service the problem. It only took the crew about 10 or 15 minutes and it was back to normal. Thankfully, they turned on the heating to compensate for the colder temperatures. Our food turned out great and we actually enjoyed the rest of our meal.  I cannot wait for our two year anniversary, or perhaps a marriage proposal!