We love our thermostat

I’m going to tell you something. I absolutely adore my hubby and our son, but sometimes I have a difficult time telling them apart! They are both very messy, they both snore at night, and they both eat with their mouth wide open. They also are both obsessed with video games. However, half the time I yell at our child for leaving a mess behind him, it turned out I’m yelling at the wrong person. This can be maddening. It can also be a great help sometimes, because I can hand them a videogame and get hours of quiet time for myself. They are absolutely distracted by the use of technology, so when I brought home a current smart thermostat for them to install I ended up getting an entire weekend of quietness. My hubby is more of a hardware guy, so she installed the thermostat itself. Our son then helped to remove the aged temperature control unit. My son is really more of a software guy, so he installed the app on all of our iPhones that would allow us to remotely control the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. They spent hours figuring everything out. They were just playing with the smart thermostat as well as seeing what it could do. They would even go out for long drives, just to play with the a/c settings from miles away. They really enjoyed it. Meanwhile, I could watch anything I wanted on TV with no complaints, aside from the constant clicking of the thermostat as the a/c idea kept turning on as well as off.