We have a mutual understanding

Every year there is a group of us from our university days that celebrates with an annual reunion camping trip! Honestly, I enjoy most aspects of it. After all, it is pretty amazing that my classmates and I have been able to stay in touch over these long years! The bonds one makes during university is meaningful, and I hate losing more of our lives as we all proceed into the adult world. So, these camping excursions are pretty fun! We rent a handful of cheap cabins by the lake. So, if people want to camp in tents they can do so, or they can hang in the minimal comfort offered by the cabins. I say minimal because they don’t have bathrooms to speak of! You still have to go down the road to the shower house. I mean, there is no such thing as an a/c in the woods. It isn’t usually that bad. But lately, the weather has been getting crazy with unpredictable, repeated heat waves! The ceiling fans that they have in the cabins really don’t do any good. So, I rented a portable window box a/c unit this year. I was distraught that I was going to get teased relentlessly for it, but I didn’t care that much. If there was anything I couldn’t handle, it was not being able to sleep due to overwhelming heat! Well, this warm season we experienced one of the worst warm season heat waves on record. And, when I pulled out the portable a/c from the trunk of the car, no one was laughing at me! Soon, all the people wanted to be cool in our cabin!

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