We have a lot of cats

It was never my intention to end up with four cats living in my house.  I wasn’t planning on having any pets at all. When my sister moved out of state, she gave me her cat to take care of.  She promised to eventually send for the cat, but she never did. Thinking I really loved cats, my boyfriend gave me a kitten for our anniversary.  I then found an abandoned cat on my doorstep one night, and the fourth cat simply showed up and made himself at home. I’ve now become attached to the cats, and don’t want to get rid of them.  However, I am worried my house will smell like a litter box, and I don’t like the idea of all that fur contaminating my air quality. I noticed that I needed to replace the air filter in the furnace and air conditioner far more frequently.  The filter was constantly clogged with fur. Figuring this would probably cause issues with the efficiency, capacity and overall performance of the heating and cooling system, I hired a professional for help. I scheduled an appointment with a licensed HVAC contractor, who took apart the entire HVAC system and completed a thorough cleaning.  He confirmed that there was a great deal of fur accumulated within the inner workings, which was blocking airflow and impacting the efficiency of the equipment. He advised that I invest in an air purifier, which incorporated into the air handler of the HVAC unit. The air purifier cleans the air as it circulates through the system, protecting my air quality as well as the integrity of the heating and cooling unit.  The air purifier traps contaminants that are far smaller than a grain of beach sands, and also combats odors. Since installing the air purifier, I’ve noticed my home is far cleaner and smells better. I no longer worry over health issues, and trust that my furnace and air conditioner will continue to operate at their best.

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