We don’t know how good we have it-climate control

Have you ever ventured outside of our country? There are quite a few places to go plus things to see plus fascinating people to meet! The best thing about traveling, in my personal opinion, is coming back home! It is wonderful to see how others live, plus quite frankly, traveling makes me come to understand how spoiled we are here in the United States. We actually have electricity available all day plus night every day of the year. Not all countries have that. All of us have refrigeration for our food plus all sorts of comfort. Not all countries have that. All of us have plumbing plus running water. Not everyone does, and most significantly, we are completely spoiled by our heating plus cooling appliances… Here in our country, we never have to be too hot or too frigid. All of us have furnaces plus boilers plus radiant floors for the Winter season. All of us have a/c plus heat pumps for the summer season weeks. If we become just a little bit too hot in our offices at work, we can simply modify the thermostat down by a couple of degrees plus feel immediately cooled. Cooling plus heating is most certainly amazing. All of us have HVAC zone control just in case our dwelling is so vast that we actually have rooms that don’t need a cooling appliance because they are not in use. Or, we can use HVAC zone control to provide everyone with their own customized thermostat setting. It is very surprising, I am sure, to people who come here from other parts of the world plus do not have air conditioning luxuries in the least. We are especially fortunate, blessed, plus spoiled by our heating plus cooling appliances.

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