Wanted a better furnace filter

While washing my house the other day, I noticed that there was a lot more debris than usual. I had just bleached the home last week, plus now all of my furniture was covered in debris again, some areas of the house did not seem too awful, but others were absolutely gross! At first, I could not figure out the reason for this, but then I noticed that I entirely needed to change my cooling filters; All of the furniture pieces that were seriously filled with debris were those located under an air duct! Once I made that link, it seemed easily straightforward. I was not planning on going out the other day, so I just asked my boyfriend when he got house from his work if he were aware that him and I were in need of current AC filters, but he insisted that the AC filters were almost new! My boyfriend said that the 1s he had put in back in June were supposed to last for at least a 1/4 of a year, plus they should be doing okay. I reminded my man, quite sweetly, of course, that it was now in the Fall. I also mentioned that my dust allergens had been acting up, which was another idea that the air filters were filled with debris plus in need of fixing. My boyfriend dug around in the basement plus found the other air filters he had bought, then substituted the old 1s. But, our old air filters were filthy!

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