Want to get a space heater

It has been so absolutely chilly in the part of the state that I live. I already know that our neck of the woods is having drastic Winter storms, but it seems like it is never going to heat up. I absolutely can’t wait for the summer season time, but it feels like this chilly weather is truly never going to end. I want to be able to put away my warm Winter coats in addition to jackets. After that, I want to pull out my bathing suits. I guess the people here have more than one week left of harshly chilly weather then the warmer weather will start to come around. One thing that absolutely sucks about the chilly weather is my seasoned heating in addition to cooling systems. I live in an ancient condo complex that was built about sixty three years ago and I don’t think it’s been maintenanced since then. That might seem crazy, but the property management refuses to update the heating in addition to cooling systems unless it stops working altogether… So I am forced to freeze my buns off every night while I am sleeping because the gas furnace will not correctly heat up my seasoned old apartment. I want to get a portable gas furnace for my room, despite the fact that I think they can be dangerous with the occasional fire if you are not keeping a close eye on them. I just desperately want the gas furnace to work again, so I don’t have to be uncomfortably chilly while I sleep at night anymore. I am hoping that if I complain enough to the property management team that they will hear my requests to get the heating system updated as soon as possible.

space heating