Want comfort of cooling

I view weather as my major enemy. I grew up for years in a trailer park, plus saw several of my neighbors lose their homes due to consecutive tornados in the are. As a teenager I lived on a hillside community in southern CA, when it just took a single fateful summertime as I watched on in horror as a dozen houses were swept away in a pressing mudslide. Now, as an adult, I view mother nature as a destructive force that needs to be protected against at all costs all of the time. I found a locale that was not prone to tornadoes, or hurricanes, or tidal waves to live in. The main complications I experience here are mostly heat related, however unlike a tornado a heat wave can be fought with a nice air conditioner if you have one.  But of course, I am too paranoid to ever rely on just an air conditioner, so I have a more elaborate method set up today. First of all, aside from the changing weather conditions and the lack of control I also care about the ability to get ahead of the outdoor weather conditions and  get an extra air conditioner. Second of all, I build a safe room in my basement that has its own self-contained Heating plus Air Conditioning method for temperature control plus air filtration. Whenever the weather starts to get dark plus quite foreboding I also turn on the Heating plus Air Conditioning method in the hidden room just in case I will need it. With that all set up, I am ready to hide out in true comfort from any storm that comes along, plus the heating plus cooling will be just how I enjoy it to be. I am also ready for a blackout, because a power outage will shut down the Heating plus Air Conditioning method for my house, though my super secret hidden room has its own self contained power supply.

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