Waiting on using the cooling

This past summer time, it was almost November before we had to turn on our air conditioning appliance.  June as well as August were absolutely mild, as well as turning on the air conditioning appliance, when the high temperature was only eighty, would have been an enormous waste of energy.  When we finally made it to November, summertime finally found us.  November averaged around 90 degrees, which is about 20 degrees higher than usual.  Both of us had the cooling system going day and night, as well as it was so humid at night. Even with the air conditioning appliance, it was still uncomfortable for sleeping.  October started out in the eighties, as well as it was still in the seventies when September rolled around.  Both of us finally took out the air conditioning system, the first month of September.  We started to see some temperatures that had us really adjusting the control component as well as using the furnace.  It’s incredibly odd to guess that we had fourteen inches of snow last year, on Halloween day.  Thanksgiving provided us with another nine inches of snow, as well as the furnace had been running since the start of October.  This year, we didn’t even get summertime until November, which is weird.  I’m hoping to be able to use my skis sometime this year.  Christmas is more than two weeks away, as well as there is finally a mention of snow in the forecast, but that’s only after we get through a couple of fifty degree days, as well as an inch as well as a half of rain.  The furnace is most definitely feeling lonely, but it’s been great on our energy bills.  Both of us just got wood for the fireplace, as well as we’re thinking that maybe that will be all the heat we will require this year. Most likely though, we’ll have to use the electric furnace all Wintertime.  Both of us never win when it comes to our bizarre weather.

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