Visiting the HVAC

Every fall, I hire an HVAC specialist to come to the house to complete a routine inspection. It requires a small maintenance charge, but it’s worth the investment, in my opinion. I complete this upkeep because I want to be sure that the furnace is operating in top shape before the temperatures drop and it starts snowing. The HVAC contractor is helpful for troubleshooting.  He pinpoints any concerns before they cause the furnace to malfunction. I started investing in annual maintenance several years ago after a particularly cold and nasty winter. One day, I came home from work and found that the gas furnace wouldn’t start up. Right away,  I called an HVAC contractor.   Unfortunately, they were so backed up, they weren’t able to schedule an appointment with  me for four days! The snow kep falling and piling up.  The temperature dropped well below zero.  I was forced to go without the furnace and live  with nothing but a couple of portable space heaters.  After that,  I certainly appreciated the gas furnace more than ever before.  Space heaters are adequate for compact spaces, but they are not capable of handling the  Heating demands of the whole home.  When I finally had the furnace up and running again, I made sure to enroll in a maintenance plan.  I  schedule an inspection every single fall. This is the best way to avoid  major repairs during the coldest days of the year. I will continue this strategy because there is no way I am willing to go another four days without heat.

HVAC tune up