Vehicle climate control

My buddy plus I used to take amazingly fun road trips all the time, but that was before I first stopped smoking. The several of us used to be a real bunch of hooligans, I can tell you that.  We would spend each weekend cruising the local towns, looking for chicks and trouble, blazing through cigarettes plus crushing 30 packs of beer. And as my bloated beer belly will attest, clearly I never did hold up on the brews. But my lungs got pretty exhausting for a while during that time, so I gave up smoking. I didn’t entirely care that my buddy kept smoking, I didn’t’ feel left out and I would never ask him to quit. Honestly it did impact our road trips. He liked cruising with the A/C on blast all the time plus the windows rolled up tight, but now I couldn’t handle the bad air quality all of a sudden with being trapped inside with all of that nasty stale smoke. I wanted to amp up the ventilation system plus get some air circulation going in the car by driving with the windows down. That let most of the smoke out for sure, plus made the air quality a lot better for me overall. However he hated that. When the A/C system was set on “recycle” it continually just kept circulating the same smokey air over plus over again for hours on end, plus it was killing me! I tried to get him to roll down a couple of windows for a few moments, plus still keep the A/C going, however he did not enjoy that idea of mine either. So A/C may spell the end of our road trips.

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