Using too much of the HVAC equipment

My roommate is a wacky conspiracy theorist, and he legitimately feels that the “system” is out to get us. While I do not feel that our leadership is perfect by any means, I do not feel that they’re each and every decision is to put us at in harm’s way or to take advantage of us. One of my roommates beliefs that makes myself and others chuck the most is his belief that heating and air conditioner is just a path for us to thill us, and eventually we won’t be able to handle anything else. His belief states that all of us will become just too needy concerning heating and air conditioner, and when they steal it away from us, all of us will be unable to continue surviving.  Then when they are committed to offer us our old heating and AC, will come shuffling back to them, content to meet their demands and consequences. I sort of snickered to this one upon listening to it! But I never want him to suppose that I believe he’s ridiculous; however, I do. But he is a nice enough roommate, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I usually go along with his fanciful claims and let him find some relief. However, I shall consistently find a need so that I cannot stay and listen to him to speak on too long. He will go on forever talking about HVAC units. I actually wonder what he’s going to say the next time we speak. At least he adds a little spice to my typically boring life.