Using the HVAC at frequent bouts

It seems care about so much of our time is frittered away these afternoons trying to find the motivation to complete our yearly to-do list items.  I constantly seem to arrive, at the conclusion of the day, with only half of our yearly chores done. I am a stay at condo mom of several rug rats & this means a constant pile of laundry, dishes, & dusting need to be completed each day.  However, since the start of December, I have found it harder & harder to get things done. At first, I thought it was because of simple aging, then I thought it was a type of illness. After all of that was ruled out, our spouse & I began looking into our condo environment to see it there was an environmental factor that was causing our exhaustion.  The only thing that was different, along with the weather, was the fact that every one of us now had to use the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method every day. Every one of us shot out an email to the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company to come check out the system! Every one of us desired to make sure that it wasn’t leaking any toxic gases into the condo that could be hurting our families health, when the A/C guys arrived, the first thing they did was check all the connection & make sure that there was absolutely no carbon monoxide.  This is a deadly gas that can oftentimes go undetected & cause illness & death… The next thing they checked was the air ductwork. What the a/c guys found there was particularly alarming. There were spots of the air duct that contained a couple of types of mold. It turns out that this was making me feel horrible, however not sick enough to need the doctor. Every one of us arranged to have the mold and mildew cleaned immediately & even had a backup filter installed to prevent future mold growth.

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