Using the fireplace now

Of course, as soon as the temperatures dips for the first time, my youngsters are ready to get the fireplace stocked and a fire built.  At their age, they just suppose that Santa and his sleigh will be here sooner, if they can get the fireplace roaring with flames and warming up the house.  I did buy several logs of firewood plus some ‘smores ingredients just the other day for the fireplace.  Honestly, all of us get a little gleeful about the colder weather plus the decreasing temperatures at times.  For the youngsters, it’s the excitement of a new quarter at school plus the changing seasons. To my hubby, fireplace weather equals football season.  Either way, my family enjoys having its fireplace.  I can even cook with a cast-iron pot right over the hearth in the fireplace!  Our ancestors built the fireplaces with such hardware to allow for cooking. Some fireplaces have been around for many years, and in many homes of bygone days, fireplaces were even built into a home before plumbing was added.  Of course, any fireplace needs to be cleaned right to be operated safely.  During the holiday season, it almost feels natural to send all your gift-box wrapping into the fireplace to burn, however you should not do that.  The burning embers can cause issues on the roof of your house.  I’m sure we’ve all seen colorful smoke emanating from a neighbor’s chimney.  That smoke indicates that the fireplace user is not using the right fireplace burning materials.  Gift-wrapping, ribbons, newspapers and other such things can all be dangerous if used in a fireplace, so it is recommended that you purchase logs or something similar to burn in the fireplace. Last of all, don’t forget the marshmallows!

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