Using HVAC for records

I inherited my vintage music taste from my father, but it wasn’t outdated music to him. Listening to all those old time rock and roll records as a child actually stuck with me, and to this day I appreciate outdated rock music. I also appreciate the outdated media of vinyl record albums. When CDs become obsolete, it may seem stupid to collect outdated records. How can people even have a record player any more? It’s like buying old VHS tapes (which I also love to do). But one thing I can’t do old school is my is my HVAC unit. . I love the outdated things, outdated music and films, but my Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan has to be cutting edge. Especially for the things I collect. VHS tapes and record albums are actually vulnerable to heat, so I absolutely need a steady climate in my home to make sure they stay a normal temperature. I have a sweet Heating as well as Air Conditioning control app on my iPhone that allows me to check the temperature and humidity levels of the apartment from wherever I am. I can also turn on the air conditioner with the tap of my screen. I’m not crazy, I didn’t buy a whole new Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan just for my vintage collection, I bought it because I can appreciate clear air quality. The  positive effects the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan has on my collections is a major bonus.

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