Unsure what to do for a/c

I am toying with the real proposal of getting my mother window a nice A/C or a current PC this Christmas, then the both of the items are super high-priced. I can only get 1 and give it to her. They both are really around the same amount of money too; So I just have to really decide which 1 she would care about more. I am kind of leaning towards getting the window air cooling since it would be a way larger package, however how exciting would that really be for her? The window A/C would be a really big and significant box and I could wrap it really cute. Also my mother is going through hard menopause. She always is way too hot, so cooling is a good gift. I thought I could really install the air conditioning proposal right into her  living room window. Then at evening should could really use a wireless remote to turn on/off the nice A/C device. She also could adjust the real temperature right from her bed. A current PC is not a really bad proposal though. She cares about listening to real music however her ipod broke. Also her PC is super stupid and can’t even really take pictures anymore. But, the box the whole PC comes in is so small. It would be such a real let down. However, a PC is something that she would use everyday. She also would really work out with the PC. The real window cooling component is seasonal pretty much. She won’t always be really  going through menopause too. It is easily possible that after a whole year my mother won’t even really use the A/C proposal more. So I am just a little unsure on what real gift to get her this holiday season.

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