Trying to stay with them due to the heated floors

My grandparents have lived in the neighboring state for as long as I can remember. I’ve enjoyed staying with them since I was a kid. They were lonely after their kids grew up and left home, and so my older brother and I would often stay them for a week or two.  They loved the company and were happy to be entertained by us. This was always a great experience for my brother and I. My grandparents had always earned a decent income and they could afford to take us out to dinner, buy us toys, and got to movies. Whenever we went to visit them, we were spoiled rotten.   My grandparents had a gigantic inground pool in their backyard, and we had so much fun in it. We always swam for hours every summer. In the winter, we loved their heating system, because it was so very cool. My grandparents had radiant floors installed throughout their house. There were pipes concealed beneath the floors which transported heated water.  This heated water infused heat into the floorboards and it spread from wall to wall. There was very even temperatures, and the house was always perfectly warm. Because heat rises, the bulk of the warmth was near the floor, right where it is most beneficial. They could set lower thermostat settings and save money because of this. My brother and I just liked being able to go barefoot inside when it was cold and snowy outside.  It was totally comfortable playing on the floor because of the radiant system. Plus, the radiant equipment takes up no space, makes no noise and doesn’t spread dust or other contaminants throughout the house. It made for a really comfortable visit, even during the coldest times of winter.

radiant heater