Trying to get the air conditioner to turn on

My best buddy is someone who always listens, gives fine advice, plus helps me out in difficult situations any time I ask. On top of that, he recently helped me maintenance my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system in a heatwave–what a lifesaver! When I arrived to the cabin from work a few weeks ago, I found the cooling system would not turn on no matter what I did to the temperature control, I panicked, and then was sad that I was going to have to spend a ton of money to call an Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker to come out plus service the air conditioning system immediately.  I do not know a single thing about heating plus cooling systems, so I was at the mercy of someone else that day. But after racking my brain for a few minutes, I thought about my best buddy and how he used to intern as a Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker. It was like a light bulb went off in my head.  I gave him a call,  and he actually agreed to come right over. After a few minutes, he had already pinpointed the problem to my compressor! He knew that one of the parts would have to be replaced, plus he even gave it to me to replace it for me! So, instead of having to pay for an Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker to come out, fix, plus replace the part, I only had to pay for the section itself. I am so overjoyed that my friend came because he saved me money, and he kept me from having to spend many days separate from a cooling system this summer. I always knew that my buddy was a thoughtful person, but I never knew that he would be able to help in a bind around my house, and I am sure lucky to know him.

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