Try more heating

Every year, as December moves right on, I begin to very anxiously check the weather forecast, hoping for at least a very cool, if not cold, Christmas. This year, our first as a married couple, my husband & I were rather disappointed to see that the weather forecast was not at all what every one of us had even just wished for. The entire week leading up to Christmas had basically the exact same forecast: lows in the 60’s, highs in the upper 69’s, & bright sunshine. On Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, the weather was just supposed to reach the 80’s, & on top of that, have 100% humidity. I am not even going to lie either. I think I had almost cried when I saw the exact weather forecast. Instead of being able to actually just use our current electric fireplace & cuddle under warm blankets in front of the fireplace, every one of us are going to have to use a/c the entire time there! Nothing ruins the Christmas spirit like having to turn your a/c up because your home is so incredibly warm! The cute Christmas pajamas that I had gotten are even going to have to remain unworn. All of the festive Christmas coffees & sizzling chocolates will be useless. I am so very disappointed with having to use our a/c so much. Occasionally, I just want to spontaneously move to a state right up north, where every one of us could enjoy hot & cold temperatures all year long! Maybe, every one of us could even just use our furnace more than a few times a year, & our fireplace would be far more than just a pretty focal point! I do not even think that I will be able to get my husband right on board, though. He absolutely enjoys the very cool weather, however using a/c in the middle of Winter does not genuinely bother him all that much.  

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