Too hot due to the heater

It was the holiday season, and that meant a ton of holiday parties. I never genuinely looked forward to most of these parties. We were always required to dress up in stupid outfits and there were a lot of maddening relatives that I didn’t care to talk to. The worst thing was the ugly sweater contest. So here I was at this foolish party wearing the ugliest sweater I could find. It wasn’t difficult, since it was a present that was given to me from my aunt. She absolutely could find an ugly sweater, that’s for certain. It bothered me that I absolutely won the contest, although I wasn’t so sore about it because there was something wrong with the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment at the celebration. The oil furnace wasn’t working so great. It was a holiday so there wasn’t much that could be done about it. I was glad I was wearing that sweater though because it kept me rather warm. For that, I can say I was thankful to my aunt for getting me that atrocious thing. It sure was comfortable though, however eventually we started a fire in the fireplace and that helped almost everyone to get nice and warm. I genuinely love hanging around the fireplace, even though plenty of people were irritating, however it was still a fairly nice time. I suppose that was absolutely one of the funnest family holiday parties I have been to in a long while. I hoped the next afternoon they would be able to have the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment repaired… Of course, I wouldn’t mind hanging around the fireplace for a few more nights. I definitely won’t be wearing that ugly sweater for a long time.

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