This will keep our home comfortable

I had always hated the flooring in my living room. It was this hideous brick that this previous homeowner setup. The guy used various different bricks and did not finish. I tried hiding it with rugs and yes it still bothered me. I then chose to handle the project and remove the brick. I wanted to restore it with wood floors. Before I got to the ripping out process my good friend Stella recommended that I get heated floors. Apparently with radiant flooring installation, the floors must be torn out. I was without a doubt tearing out the flooring already, so it was perfect. Also I already own a boiler system. Radiant flooring can only be paired with a boiler. This is actually hydronic heating. The boiler would heat water that is going to flow through pipes. The warm piping in the flooring is actually what heats the floors. So after I rip out the brick, I may have a HVAC company over to complete the heating installation. They have to set up the piping and additionally connect it to my boiler system. Then I can layer my wood floors over the pipes. It protects the heating system from damage and dust. Then the hydronic heating gets to work and I have warm surfaces. It will be an expensive and messy project. But after Stella has told me about how great heated floors tend to be, I was convinced that I need them. Also was already literally doing half the work already. Just a bit more money and I can have an awesome heating system. It really looks like the perfect plan.

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