This went better than I thought

Last warm season, all of us had a concern with the the septic idea at our location.  The toilets weren’t flushing as they should, plus water wasn’t going down the drains effectively from the tubs plus sinks.  When our washing machine would go down, our basement would flood.  We snaked the floor drain in the lower level, but this did not repair the issue we hand.  We ended up getting in touch with a local plumbing contractor plus scheduling fix for our septic tank.  To make the repair better plus less money, my husband plus I dug up the septic tank on our own.  This was a easily labor-intensive job, plus since it was the middle of the summer, the outside temperature was right near 87 degrees.  Digging up the yard was not a pleasant morning thing to do.  It hadn’t rained in quite a few weeks, plus the ground was super dry plus strenuous to dig up.  It took us numerous hours to dig up the septic tank.  I expected the task of pumping the septic to be a gross, smelly, plus long job.  The plumbing contractor came in a large vehicle, which they drove onto the lawn plus parked directly beside the septic tank.  The truck was all set with a easily large adaptable hose, which the plumber set down into the septic tank.  The pumping of the tank took less than an hour, plus there was no debris plus easily little stink.  The repair was not all that much to my surprise, plus absolutely worthwhile.  

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