This weather is out of control

Man, these past seven weeks have been so crazy! It’s our first season of spring in the south. I’m learning a lot about this new temperature every day. See, where I’m originally from, you can count on the cold winter in lasting into early May, easily. Though, in my new location,  it seems to fast forward straight into spring by late February easily. That swiftly moving hot air is already a pain to get used to for me these days! When it find myself climbing in temperature outside, I saw how both of us could turn off our main furnace just to rely on the lovely outdoor cool temperatures, I was pretty blown away by this. The only thing that I find difficult is that this weather hasn’t persisted as always as I would like it to some weeks! Recently the air temperature has been all over the place in just a few days going up and down Then without notice it is rainy and sunny or even windy still. We will have one couple of days with amazing outdoor temperatures to have fun in the 70’s, but it will be followed soon thereafter by a week of cold, bitter and wet weather. Now, this is really annoying to me. I am a planner who needs to be able to make those plans each morning efficiently. But it’s even more spine-chilling for our home’s central heating and cooling system to deal with these changes. Since the frustrating outdoor weather can’t seem to make up its mind about whether in any give hour from whether it will be warm or cold, we now have continually been switching between our heating  and cooling plans causing an increase in our bills. One morning my husband had the cooling system running to cool down the indoor stuffines, then truly the next morning we were then cranking the furnace to compensate for the abrupt temperature drop in the weather system. I guess it has to be causing a legitimate amount of mangle to our indoor temperature control equipment, but I don’t guess what else to do until the outdoor air temperature evens out for the season.

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