This snowfall is something else

When you set out to enjoy most of your day somewhere, it’s really unfortunate when you have to leave all because you are uncomfortable. That’s what happened to me when I went to any icy cold coffee shop in the city this morning, that clearly had their air conditioning on high. I had never been to this shop and had planned on getting a good amount of work done, but that didn’t happen because the cooling unit in the place was so darn distracting. It was a pretty breezy, chilly day out and I was wishing that this coffee shop had a patio to escape the cooling, but they didn’t. It was freezing cold in the darn place and really made no sense why they would even have their cooling on blast when it was only about 60 degrees out, if not lower that that! I was actually looking around frantically, trying to locate where the HVAC vents were, but couldn’t see them at all. I’m sure I appeared to be a crazy person to the people in the coffee shop that day, but I really didn’t care. When I had the barista kindly if he could turn the cooling down, he looked at me and smirked saying that it was hot out and he couldn’t fulfill my request. I was shocked! What a bunch of bull jive, I thought to myself. I am not a snobby person at all and can tolerate hearing the word “no”, but he was very rude and did absolutely nothing to accomodate my needs, as I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the coffee shop who was freezing cold. Not only did he lose a potential customer, but his manager certainly will be hearing from me about their daunting cooling issue.

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