This is one factor to learn

Have you ever tried to work on anything arduous from home before? Maybe it’s just a school assignment, or you have to do taxes, or you’re trying to develop a monthly budget for yourself; no matter what the task is, it’s definitely harder to get work done from the comfort of your own home than anywhere else on earth. There are simply too many distractions and it’s difficult to block out the fun things you normally get to do at home. I can definitely speak from experience, because I work from our house every single day. For me, it’s not usually a huge problem to get in the zone and accomplish my work efficiently because I have so many other things I’d rather go do. However, there’s one factor that has really been driving me up the wall lately; the sound of our HVAC system cycling on and off all day! See, we have a pretty outdated heating and cooling system in our house, and it works overtime to accurately treat our indoor air. It doesn’t seem to matter much whether I’m using the air conditioner or furnace, either way the temperature control equipment is running on and off the entire day. Because the house is so quiet when I’m focusing on my work, I hear every single click of the thermostat and temperature modification equipment, followed by the low “hush” of the air passing through the snaking ductwork in the walls. Finally, I feel the treated air pass by me, and can’t help but get distracted by the sensation.

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