This is awesome and consistent

Man, these past several months have been so bazare in every way you can dream them to be! I moved down to the south in the winter time, so this is my first spring. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I’m studying a lot about this current temperature that seems to be sticking around pretty early. See, where I grew up, you can count on winter to be winter which tends to last into May. You can imagine my surprise when it started to feel like spring weather by mid March. I wasn’t really sure what to make of it at first. That swift blowing hot air is already a lot to get used to for me this early in the year! But, then when it really got so fried outside that all I could do was to turn off our whole heating system and rely on ambient outdoor temperatures, I was pretty blown away at my savings. The only thing is, this weather hasn’t been as consistent as I would know seasons to be in the north. Recently the air temperature has been all over the mark going up and down, rain and sun, windy and quiet. We might see one week with amazing outdoor temperatures in the low 70’s’s, followed soon thereafter by a week of wintry mix cold weather. Now, this is annoying to me in every way, for it makes it hard to plan my day. Who has the time to figure out each afternoon. Really, it’s even more horrifying to my home’s main central heating plus cooling system daily. Since the nonsensical outdoor weather can’t seem to make up its direction about whether it will be sizzling or cold from one day to the next, all of us have continually been switching between our heating and cooling plans tirelessly.  One afternoon we will have the air conditioning system running to cool down the indoor spaces in the house or office, but then undoubtedly next day we have to crank the heating system just as high to compensate for the abrupt temperature drop. I believe it has to be causing an even-handed amount of mishap to our indoor temperature control equipment and its functioning. I don’t believe there is much else anyone can really do until the outdoor air temperature evens out for the summer..

temperature control unit