There’s so many parts in this

I recently was required to call for repair for my central cooling system.  The air conditioning system had been struggling for quite some time. I should have instantly called for HVAC service.  Because I was busy at work as well as reluctant to spend the time as well as money on repair, I procrastinated until the air conditioning system quit entirely.  The cooling system failed while in the middle of the evening on a holiday weekend no less. To avoid paying overtime charges, I waited until correct business hours to contact the local Heating and cooling dealer.  Apparently, a lot of people were have trouble with their air conditioner because the HVAC business was completely booked for two full weeks. Living without an air conditioner when the outside temperature was constantly in the upper eighties as well as humid, was not pleasant.  I tried opening all of the windows and running box fans to assist with circulation, but my house was horribly warm as well as sticky. I couldn’t fall asleep at night and my home was always hot. At that point, I would have paid most anything for a working HVAC system. When the HVAC serviceman finally showed up and diagnosed the air conditioning system, he told me  that numerous parts needed to be replaced. Because he didn’t have access to these parts he had to order them, I was forced to wait numerous nights for the HVAC system to be fixed. The whole experience was seriously inconvenient, frustrating and very pricey. The whole situation could have been avoided. From now on, if I notice even the slightest issue with the HVAC system, I will call for service instantly.    

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