There’s a foot of snow up here

Today was the worst birthday I ever have had. I love having my birthday in the spring for we are done with the depressing winter. Well, today I woke to ten inches of snow on the driveway.  How cruel nature was being to me on my birthday. It was only twenty four hours earlier, it had been sixty-two degrees with endless sunshine. I tried to laugh with my husband, however it certainly wasn’t funny to me on my day.  The temperature was now wavering on a low twenty-six degrees with a negative wind chill. I could hear the furnace taunting its hum in the background. I didn’t want to know the heat was now coming from the air vents, for it meant my day was ruined.  I wanted to experience the heat of the sun warming myself and others up on the deck for my party. By noon, the snow had finally quit falling so heavily, and I believe I could see the hint of sun shining through the clouds. The afternoon turned into a attractive day once we got the stink off. However, the furnace was still running into the night.  I went about doing our chores, as my husband was getting ready to go out to plow snow. He came upstairs in hysterics. While I had been cleaning the attic, the snow had begun to melt everywhere. My furnace was still running. I had heat coming from the air vents, however the strength of the sun, had melted almost of the snow, over a matter of many hours without any salt.  Now that’s what I name as a crazy Spring afternoon. Only up north, can you have nearly a foot of snow at breakfast, while by three in the afternoon, it is all melted. I looked at the air conditioning I had brought up from the basement, as I patted it lovingly. Oh yeah, I promised by next month at this time, it was going to be in our study room window. I’ll be hearing the AC humming instead of the furnace and get my revenge.

air conditioning unit