There are some drawbacks when you don’t have a good heater

My home has a forced air furnace, and it has both good and bad points. The furnace is extremely competent at keeping my home nice and warm on the coldest days and nights. Also, it is quite energy efficient. The gas furnace comes with a 98% AFUE rating which keeps my monthly bills reasonable. Because it is a forced air system, many of the components are shared between the furnace and the air conditioner. I like that I may well enjoy both heating and cooling and keep a comfortable indoor environment all year long. The furnace is low in maintenance, requiring only monthly filter changes and yearly professional system care. However, I am not happy that I need to sacrifice so much space to allow for ductwork. The ductwork is boisterous, hides contaminants and causes lots of energy waste. I frequently prefer the duct system inspected to find possible cracks, holes or rust. Because it is a forced air system, the air is blown in the house and may introduce a whole lot of contamination, such as dust, dander along with bacteria. It definitely causes problems with the cleanliness and health involving my breathing air. The heat from the furnace tends to rise straight to the ceiling. This forces higher thermostat settings, which leads to raised monthly energy bills. It as well causes drafts, cold spots, and uncomfortable temperature swings at home. The furnace will probably only last around fifteen years, whereas other designs of heating equipment provides over thirty years. In close, I am happy to have acquired a gas furnace for heating and am satisfied with the value of my expense.

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