The wrecked HVAC unit

I always find plenty of comfort when I can curl up in the corner of the sofa.  I’ll have the afghan over my feet, and I am snuggled into a sweater, while I study a book that has been lying open since the last frosty day of the year.  I actually didn’t notice that the temperature was dropping in the house slowly.  I got up for a warm cup of coffee, and I started to shiver.  The fireplace had been set on low, and I thought maybe it was just the difference between my closeness to the fireplace, and the dining room.  When I looked at the windows, I saw a thin glaze of ice.  Something was truly wrong.  My partner was out of town, so I couldn’t rely on him to help me, so I did the next best thing. I contacted the Heating and A/C company.  I honestly knew very little about the furnace, and I knew I had to get someone who wouldn’t screw up all of my Heating and A/C equipment.  I had previously tried setting up a ceiling fan, and I knocked out the electricity in the entire place.  I didn’t want to see what I could do to the Heating and A/C all on my own.  A neighbor of mine worked for the local Heating and A/C company, and he came right over for some needed assistance.  After doing a thorough check, he said he couldn’t see anything seriously wrong with the furnace, and he went over the electrical connection and the thermostat.  Seemingly, when I knocked out the electricity, the furnace had not reset when I flipped the switches on our panel.  He reset the furnace, and I could hear the heat going once again.