The weather makes heating hard

Just last Summer was definitely the coolest Summer on record.  The two of us only used our a/c a couple of times through the season, and our ceiling fans periodically made it feel a tad bit chilly.  Other than those there actually were a couple of weekends in the upper eighties, the average temperature on our front porch being sixty-eight.  It was a glorious Summer I have to say.  However, this fall changed everything.  The two of us had to deal with many weeks in the nineties, when the average temperature was seventy.  The a/c was running continuously every day, and it was still humid.  The two of us were in shock that Summer had finally hit, and it was mid September.  My mother called it Indian Summer time, and I felt that it was just plain crazy.  I wanted fall to be back, how it was all Summer long.  I was almost convinced that I could take the window air conditioners out from the windows. Unfortunately, here all of us were, using them again.  Maybe I’m the type that isn’t ever glad about anything, even though I loved when Summer had me turning off the fans.  I’m waiting to see how things go this Wintertime.  I’m hoping it isn’t so extremely cold that the gas furnace can’t keep up with the frost and all of us sit around with overcoats on all Wintertime.  I remember this one Wintertime in particular, when all of us first moved into that property, when that happened.  We had the worst cold snap that lasted for an entire week.  The average high was never above 0 degrees, and the gas furnace didn’t appreciate it anymore than all of us did.  The two of us had to put in a current gas furnace, because the aged one wasn’t at all able to keep up with the temperatures anymore.  The aged gas furnace was nearly forty years old, so all of us needed to go for a good replacement.  If it does get that chilly again, at least we’ve got a newer gas furnace to keep us very warm this time around.

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