The war with the HVAC unit

The local cafe that I work out of has been having some major wars on their temperature control unit. I am a freelance writer, so I can work from basically anywhere I choose. While, I work mostly from my dwelling, I do truly enjoy getting out once in awhile. It can get quite lonesome at home. I suppose a change of environment can be healthy, and the funny thing about that is that I am never actually comfortable at the cafe. They tend to keep the cooling system on high at all times. For some reason, they always say it encourages people to buy more tepid drinks. It also won’t have people sitting for too long of a period, which cuts back on their overall profits. I am constantly frigid as it is; So, I will bundle up extra in order to go work at the cafe. Well, one day last week, I walked in the door plus it was feeling like an oven. I couldn’t believe how tepid it was inside! You could tell people were stressed out behind the counter. It was way too hot for me in the place! I asked the inevitable question to my friend who works there, however he told me that the HVAC appliance malfunctioned. You see, they have a lock box on their control unit. No one in-store can access the heat or cooling appliance. It is all adjusted from the corporate headquarters through the Smart App. This is said to help keep the budget perfectly balanced. Well, something went wrong plus no one could get corporate on the phone to repair it. They were now losing business over what was supposed to be the main reason to create business. The irony was rather amusing.