The waiting room had no a/c

While installing some countertops at work last month, I accidentally split my finger, however the split was not very deep, or very long, but it bled for quite a while! I was not going to let my boss know, but it was still bleeding when I got back to the office, and he insisted that I go instantly to urgent care.  On the off chance that it got infected, the company did not want to be responsible. I had to fill out various workman’s comp forms, and then go to the nearest urgent care center. The urgent care center was not packed full of people, which was surprising to me. I checked in, then sat to wait. Within a few minutes I was covered in sweat. Apparently, the a/c was not particularly working at all. The few other patients that were there were visibly upset and angry. I could hear them muttering to themselves about the lack of a/c. I deal without a/c all day, every day, because most of the homes I work in do not have heating, ventilation and a/c installed yet, and yes, being without a/c is annoying, especially in this day and age, but honestly, heating, ventilation and a/c is a privilege, not a right. While the room was particularly warm, I did not feel that it warranted the evil looks the patients were sending towards the girl at the front desk. I was called in a few moments later, and I was told that the split did not even need stitches! Shaking my head, I left and headed back to the office. What a waste of an hour!

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