The tiny HVAC device

I bought a new home that may have been a little more expensive than I could afford.  I had to buy all of the furniture for the house, and when it came to the basics, I kind of went to the cheap side for them.  I got the smallest washing machine they had on the market, and the least expensive.  I compare my dryer to a large hair dryer, because it fits on my counter.  Even when it came to a new HVAC system, I went the smallest and cheapest route I could take.  I was really thinking that I could save a bit of money on the HVAC, but now I know that it is too small for the size of my home.  Although it seemed a good idea at first, now I am rethinking the decision, because it is costing me more money, energywise, than if I had got the proper HVAC unit in the beginning.  It doesn’t matter what I do, I can’t get the temperature of the house, to the temperature on the thermostat.  The HVAC is constantly running in an attempt to reach the temperature, but all it seems to be doing is burning itself out.  I find that I have to shut it down, because I can hear it beginning to labor.  I have already forgotten to turn the thermostat down, and when I get home from work, it is still trying to reach the temperature.  I have extremely high energy bills and I’m sure that added money would have paid for a properly sized HVAC system.   I probably would have been better off if I had bought a window AC unit and a couple of space heaters.

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