The thermostat is awesome

As of late, I cannot find any allergy symptom relief that truly works. I have been suffering from dust sensitivities for as long as I can remember, really. There is a definite lack of understanding when it comes to dust sensitivities. You see, what people don’t stop to understand is that when dust sensitivities and the air they breathe coincide there are problems created. And air filters in HVAC units are essential to someone who suffers from dust sensitivities. If you aren’t having your filters cleaned out as often as is advised, then the air you breathe is going to infect the lungs of any person with dust sensitivities in the worst way. In the past decade there have finally been some wonderful developments in the area of dust sensitivities and air filters. One of the newest market trends, the Pure Air Filter System, is one that I never believed to experience  the like! The air is so crisp, one would believe that they were up in the mountains, breathing in the clean air. I have never felt so fantastic as I did after using this wonderful air filter system. I have looked for allergy symptom solutions for years without any luck. So, this new development is almost like a dream come true! Now my only goal is to try and have this type of filter placed in our own home! My hubby, fortunately, doesn’t suffer from any type of allergy symptoms at all. As a result, he has very little patience or understanding when it come to my allergy symptom struggles. He thinks that, more often than not, I overreact. This should be interesting for sure!

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