The snow is melting away

I woke up this morning to a very disturbing ten inches of snow on the ground all around the house.  How cruel that nature was being to us this year as just twelve hours earlier, it had been sixty-two degrees plus sunshine to play in the waterslide in the yard.  I tried to laugh it off, but it really wasn’t funny and my kids didn’t appreciate it either. The temperature was now hovering at a crazy twenty-six degrees, as I could hear the oil furnace happily humming in the background of the dishwasher.  I didn’t want to think the heat coming from the air vents was realistic. I wanted to think the heat of the sunlight warming me up was more true to reality for me today. By noon, the snow had finally quit falling, thankfully plus I could see the hint of sunlight shining through the clouds.  The afternoon turned into a appealing day afterall just for the scenery, but the oil furnace was still running to keep us warm. I went about doing our family weekend housework, as my husband was getting ready to go out to clean up the snow. When I heard him come upstairs I could hear he was laughing hard.  While I had been cleaning the attic, the snow had begun to melt quite steadily. Though, inside, my oil furnace was still running strong. I had heat coming from all of the air vents, but the strength of the sun outside had melted almost all of the snow on the house and yard over a matter of two hours. Now that’s what I would call an amazing Spring morning surprise.  Only up north, can you have nearly a foot of snow at noon, but by three in the afternoon, it is all melted and you can garden if you wanted to do so. I looked at the a/c I had brought up from the basement and patted it annoyingly. Oh yeah, by next month at this time, it was going to be in our study room window, but right now I was a bit irritated. I’ll be hearing the A/C humming instead of the oil furnace.

air conditioning unit