The rough cooling in theaters

Movie dates are super fantastic at times, but can be very terrible at the same time! I have loved going to the motion pictures on a first date since there is no pressure to talk, I can be a real introvert. I also appreciate motion pictures as it is a fantastic way to test our date out if they like them or will cry. I test to see how closely they watch the film plus how deeply they decipher the meaning too. Movie appreciation can be a big thing to me. I also like that I can order nachos plus shove them into our mouth while in the movie and no one can see me. I have never been so grateful for the dark. I do not like how cold the Regal Cinemas are all the time though. The air conditioning while in a film is horrible and freezing. I wonder why there is so much AC. Since air conditioning is a fantastic way to kill germs in the air quality. I know that is why hospitals bother with all the cooling and cooling systems also keeps your focus in schools. The oil furnace is turned down plus the AC is cranked for the teenagers too. Also air conditioning is occasionally a requirement for the building management Occasionally it is a health code or regulation to have the building at a set temperature all day long. But I don’t suppose this is the case for a Regal Cinema! What is the deal with the cooling system? There is no open wound to manage, food that could spoil or major thinking going on. The intense cooling makes no sense for seeing a film. Don’t they want us to relax? Then there should be intense heating going. The cooling makes me uncomfortable plus I can’t take off our coat at all. I never get to show off our cute outfit I bought special when in a theater.

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